The Flux Operations Console has served Flux users reasonably well over the years, but as users have scaled their operations from hundreds to tens of thousands of workflows, the Operations Console has not kept pace. The existing console does not support bulk operations. In addition, the console is not as responsive as we would like.

So we have started developing a new monitor, to be rolled out in its first phase with Flux 8.0.8. This monitor will not fully replace the existing Operations Console until sometime in 2015. The differences should be obvious.

Bulk operations are now supported. Checkboxes on the left allow the selection of workflows for bulk operations, and individual operations can be performed on specific workflows. And note - no having to scroll to the bottom of the page to perform an operation.

If you intend to run the monitor on a server other than localhost, open the file Flux Installation Directory/webapp/flux/monitor.html, find the reference to localhost:7186, and change it to the server name and port (for example,

Access the monitor with the URL http://yourFluxServer:7186/monitor.html . Use the same user name and password as you would signing on to the existing Operations Console. This new monitor uses the same REST API that the existing Operations Console does, so what is available is stable. If you're deploying the Operations Console using another port, you will need to update the port info in the following line of the /<flux-installation-folder>/webapp/monitor.html

//Set the target Flux Host here
host = 'http://' + document.location.hostname + ':7186/';

There is still a lot of work to do here - so we're not done yet here - so stay tuned.

The source code for the monitor is located in the Flux Installation Directory/webapp/flux/monitor.html. 

Sample Screen Shots


Engine Monitor View


Repository View


Audit Trail View (with Filters shown)