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  • Flux 8.0.8 Release Notes (Released 21 Aug 2014)
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Flux 8.0.8 is a maintenance patch. It is a drop-in replacement for Flux 8.0.x.


  • FLUX-1510  Added File Rename Action. Previously file renames were done within a file copy action but this was not intuitive.

  • FLUX-1707  Added SSL Support for mail actions and mail triggers.

  • FLUX-1716  (See: Log Viewer) Generally reviewing the Flux logs requires access to the server's filesystem. This makes it difficult to demonstrate and test Flux entirely from a browser. This improvement provides a browser-based application to view the Flux logs to make problem troubleshooting and diagnosis simpler quicker. Access this the URL http://yourfluxserver:7186/logviewer.html. Note that this facility should generally not be deployed to production since it is unsecured. Simply remove the logviewer.html file from the Flux_Installation/webapps/flux directory to disable this capability.

  • FLUX-1720 (See Monitor (Experimental)) This improvement is our introduction of a new operations console and monitor. This monitor will not fully replace the existing monitor until 2015 but the differences should be obvious. Checkboxes on the left allow the selection of workflows for bulk operations, and individual operations can be performed on specific workflows. Now its possible to pause and resume workflows in bulk. And note - no having to scroll to the bottom of the page to perform an operation.

  • Removed the 'Add' button from the Business Calendar page, fully functional business calendars are now added using scripts. See Adding Business Intervals.

Bug Fixes

  • FLUX-1698 Resolved issue where workflows that are scheduled using a "Cron for loop" exhibit lower performance and throughput than workflows using the same schedule on Flux 7.0. Other scheduled workflows, including workflows that use relative schedules and workflows that use Cron expressions without the for loop construct, are not affected; however, introduction of the for loop workflows causes overall throughput of the system to decrease significantly.

  • FLUX-1700 Made improvements to improve the performance of the Operations Console by reducing some redundant server calls
  • FLUX-1709  Resolved issue where mail trigger was not accepting an override to the port settings.

Known Issues and Workarounds

  • FLUX-1122 When viewing a workflow that was loaded into the repository using the Java API, the workflow does not render properly (all the actions overlay one another). Simply click the layout button in the user interface and save the rendered workflow back to the repository.
  • FLUX-1586 In the Designer, Java Actions fail to verify if listener_classpath defined in the runtime configuration. For the Designer, the listener classpath must be within the engine's classpath since the Designer ignores the runtime configuration classpath.
  • FLUX-1648 When displaying a workflow from the repository and double-clicking some actions and reviewing their settings - and then closing them with no changes being made - you will see a "do you wish to save your changes" prompt even though no changes have been made. You can ignore the message and continue. This is scheduled for correction in a later release.
  • FLUX-1753 The runtime configuration properties file has an error in it - '/source=./examples/samples/File_System/FileCopy-ContinueOnError/Source/*.txt'  should be  '/source=./examples/samples/File_System/FileCopy/Source/*.txt' 
  • You will note that when running a workflow, even your first workflow in a new installation, that it can take 10-20 seconds for the results to appear in the audit log. This is expected behavior. The audit log is written to on a periodic basis, and is not synchronized immediately with workflow execution.

Test Focus for Flux Users

The following Flux features are impacted by this maintenance release. To ensure that your application will continue running as expected, we suggest focusing your testing in the following areas (where appropriate for your application) before deploying this release:

  • Review the Mail Action and Mail Trigger documentation and setting if you are connecting to a secure mail server.
  • Review the File Rename Action if you are unfamiliar with it,

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