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  • Evaluator Welcome Kit and Some Basic Workflows

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  • First – glance at our QuickStart Guide at
  • Install your evaluation copy of Flux. Make sure the services have started for the Flux Engine and the Flux Operations Console.
  • Connect to the Operations Console at http://yourcomputername:7186  (The Flux Console)
  • Sign in as admin / admin
  • Click the Repository Tab, go to Workflows and click the 'Upload' button to upload the four .ffc (Flux workflow) files provided to your Flux Repository.
  • Highlight the Eval Mail Action Workflow and click edit. Double click on the Mail Action icon, and edit the username, password, hostname and port to connect to your mail server, and the To Address that you want to send the email to. If you are using – say Gmail – as your mail server, then you would use and port 567.
  • Click any of the workflows now loaded in the repository and press Start to run that workflow
  • Click the ‘Home’ icon to view the execution of your workflow
  • Now go ahead and explore Flux!



Live Example

For a more robust workflow example - of a managed file transfer workflow - watch our short 3 minute video at: to to watch a running instance of Flux. This running instance shows some hourly file transfers as well as a workflow that generates and executes other workflows in a file orchestration.