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  • Flux 8.0.13 Updates and Notes

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All updates are cumulative of all prior updates. Updates are distributed as zip files. Follow these directions to apply the update:

  1. Shut down any Flux engine and Operations Console instances that are running.
  2. Download and extract the new Flux version to your system. Download the .zip version of the release from
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file to a temporary directory.
  4. Delete the flux directory inside the <flux home>/webapp/ directory.
  5. Copy the flux.jar and flux.war files from the new release over your existing ones (i.e., <flux home>/flux.jar and <flux home>/webapp/flux.war).
  6. Copy the lib directory from the temporary directory into <flux home>/lib/ directory>
  7. [If this is not an evaluation version of Flux] Ensure your Flux license key file is in the <flux home> directory and run the configure script located there to install the key.
  8. Restart your engine(s) and web application(s).

After installing Flux, you can optionally enable the real-time Flux Log File Viewer by adding the following entries to the file located in the <user home>/.flux/ and restarting the Flux operations console webapp.


That's it! Your new Flux version is now installed and ready to run.

flux-8-0-13-2618 (


June 19, 2020)

FLUX-3113BUGCorrected issue where Database query parameters not saving properly if there are multiple instances of parameters.
FLUX-3112BUGCorrected issue where REST Action variables not saving properly if there are multiple instances of variables such as XML namespaces or body parts.
FLUX-3110BUGAdded logging to report selecting a renamer and leaving the pattern blank, which causes a null pointer.
FLUX-3107BUGCorrected issue where Mail Action Attachment URLs not saving properly causing all but 1 to be deleted on save.
FLUX-3106IMPROVEMENTAdded Gantt chart graphic for displaying flowcharts that will run in the next 24 hours. This improvement subject to change in the future.
FLUX-3077IMPROVEMENTJCIFS library upgraded to latest stable release.
FLUX-3105BUGCorrected issue where forecast threw a nullpointer when attempting to forecast workflows that used a Scheduled Trigger Date and no Time Expression.
FLUX-3104BUGCorrected issue where substitution functions for variables were not properly executing.
FLUX-3103BUGCorrected issue where renaming actions within the Designer were sometimes not being properly saved and caused an invalid action name error.
FLUX-2777BUGCorrected issue where Flowchart actions caused workflows to get stuck on FIRING and stopping flow until FAIL_OVER_TIME window was reached restarting the workflows. 
FLUX-3101BUGDashboard filters will now stay open through tab navigation.
FLUX-3098IMPROVEMENTEnsured database operations throughout Flux are closed once work is done.
FLUX-3095BUGCorrected issue where Republish on the Dashboard is no longer mistakenly calling restart.
FLUX-3094IMPROVEMENTAdded Gantt chart graphic for displaying flowcharts that have run in the past 24 hours. This improvement subject to change in the future.
FLUX-3089BUGCorrected issue with with using runtime substitution within the parameters of an audit trail trigger. The runtime substitution was never taking place, and the trigger would not fire.