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  • Flux 8.0.13 Updates and Notes

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All updates are cumulative of all prior updates. Updates are distributed as zip files. Follow these directions to apply the update:

  1. Shut down any Flux engine and Operations Console instances that are running.
  2. Download and extract the new Flux version to your system. Download the .zip version of the release from
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file to a temporary directory.
  4. Delete the flux directory inside the <flux home>/webapp/ directory.
  5. Copy the flux.jar and flux.war files from the new release over your existing ones (i.e., <flux home>/flux.jar and <flux home>/webapp/flux.war).
  6. Delete the <flux home>/webapp/ directory.
  7. Copy the lib directory from the temporary directory into <flux home>/lib/ directory>
  8. [If this is not an evaluation version of Flux] Ensure your Flux license key file is in the <flux home> directory and run the configure script located there to install the key.
  9. Restart your engine(s) and web application(s).

After installing Flux, you can optionally enable the real-time Flux Log File Viewer by adding the following entries to the file located in the <user home>/.flux/ and restarting the Flux operations console webapp.


That's it! Your new Flux version is now installed and ready to run.

flux-8-0-13-xxxx (Not yet released)

FLUX-3038IMPROVEMENTMade the buffer size for SFTP and FTP transfers configurable in the runtime configuration. The default is 4 buffers at 32K each. Increasing the buffer size to 128K and the number of buffers to 32 provided a 4x increase in transfer speed on our test servers. Your results may differ.
FLUX-3037IMPROVEMENTImproved the readability for audit trail entries for file actions.
FLUX-3029IMPROVEMENTAdded support for setting the time expression of a timer trigger via a workflow variable or the flow context.
FLUX-3004IMPROVEMENTAdded support for Amazon S3.
FLUX-2812BUGCorrected issue where audit trail was not being displayed for Derby database installs and evaluation installs using the embedded Derby database.

flux-8-0-13-2462 (January 27, 2020)

FLUX-3029IMPROVEMENTAdded support for setting the time expression of a timer trigger via a workflow variable or the flow context.
FLUX-3028IMPROVEMENTNow pressing Enter when changing the name of an action or trigger will save the new name and exit out of editing.

flux-8-0-13-2459 (January 23, 2020)

FLUX-3025IMPROVEMENTClicking the text 'Engine Summary' (i.e., it's a hidden button) on the Dashboard does a quick refresh of the counts of workflows on the engine without forcing a complete page refresh. Useful to quickly review workflow states.
FLUX-3024IMPROVEMENTVisually distinguish between restarting and republishing a workflow on the engine on Cockpit.
FLUX-3023BUGWaiting for Agent and Waiting for Agent To Finish counts will now filter into WAITING and FIRING counts. 
FLUX-3022BUGCorrected issue where cancelling a submit workflow set with the flow already on the engine alert dialog produced an inaccurate alert dialog saying the flows were submitted even though they weren't.
FLUX-3021BUGCorrected issue where History tab was displaying the wrong Ended date.
FLUX-3020IMPROVEMENTAdded ability to toggle an action's  transaction break on and off from context menu and shortcut key (CTRL+L).  Also fixed issue where toggling start actions was not working on workflow after loading from repo.
FLUX-3019BUGCorrected issue with splitting of the authorization header causing passwords containing colons (i.e., ':') not to authenticate.
FLUX-3018IMPROVEMENTUnderline actions that have transaction break enabled and dim action names on agents.
FLUX-3014IMPROVEMENTReduce volume of data passed to Cockpit with repository views. This speeds up the rendering of the repository tab.
FLUX-3013BUGCorrect issue where the result of a PGP Decrypt was returning a map of decrypted filenames where the source file name was incorrectly the same as the target filename.

Support setting pagesize for Cockpit pages. Defaults to 100. Settable within fluxConfig.js.

var repositoryPageSize = 100;
var dashboardPageSize = 100;
var auditTrailPageSize = 100;
var logPageSize = 100;
var forecastPageSize = 100;
var runHistoryPageSize = 100;
FLUX-3010BUGCorrected issue where REST actions were not URL encoding their query params.
FLUX-3006BUGCorrected rendering of date within Firefox for Calendars and PGP key dates
FLUX-3002BUGCorrect issue with editing saved timer trigger dates (e.g., scheduled trigger date, end date).
FLUX-3001BUGCorrected issue when copying a flowchart action fully populated was not copying correctly. When pasted it would cause the Designer to think it was in preview mode.
FLUX-2996BUGCorrected issue where /n character in Action Name caused a hidden error and was not accepted. 
 FLUX-2979BUGCorrected instance where copy/paste not working for the Paste Here selection.

flux-8-0-13-2443 (November 19, 2019)

FLUX-2999BUGCorrected issue with saving runtime configuration variables that contained backslashes, as in Windows file paths. 
FLUX-2997BUGAdded mitigation for an agent getting a "must be logged in" error when fetching a configuration from the engine.
FLUX-2996BUGAdded ability to define where to load a log4j configuration file via the JVM command line. Specify -DLOGGING_CONFIG_FILE=<log4j properties file path>