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Flux will strictly honor schedules that include the leap day. These schedules will fire only when the actual scheduled date (leap day) occurs and will be ignored for any non-leap years.

Using Time Expressions within Process and Other Actions

Not all actions support time expressions (i.e., there is no time expression dialog available for the action), and runtime substitution does not support time expressions. So you need something to compute the business date – using your desired calendar - and using a time expression, like the following prescript that does the computation:

import flux.repository.*;
import fluximpl.repository.*;
RepositoryAdministrator repoAdmin = engine.getRepositoryAdministrator();
RepositoryIterator iterator = repoAdmin.get("/Weekdays-Excluding-Federal-Holidays");
        Date date = EngineHelper.applyTimeExpression("<3b", ((RepositoryElementImpl), null, 1);
        flowContext.put("businessDate", date);

“businessDate” is now in the flowContext, and you can reference it, and format it, like so :