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These screens are taken of Cockpit 8.0.13/


This is the Flux Sign In window accessed via a URL such as http://localhost:7186. 

Sign In


In the Home tab, you have access to the workflows that are running on the engine (no matter what the status of the job is):

Repository Landing Page

Next is the Repository Landing page, from which you can access and manage the workflow repository:

Workflow Designer

The Designer is used to design and edit workflows

Forecast (of Pending Timer Triggers)

You can review the upcoming firing times for scheduled workflows in the Forecast tab

Audit Trail

You can see a summary of the engine's processing in the Audit Trail tab.

And, by applying a filter, look at the Audit Trail for a specific workflow, or events.

Run History

The Run History provides a summary on a per workflow basis:

You can expand any Run History entry to view the details for the run.

Logs (Exceptional System Events)

If anything goes wrong with a running workflow, the ERROR/WARNING message will be displayed in the Logs tab.

Log File Viewer

The Flux Log File Viewer provides a real-time view of messages being written to the Flux log files.

Roles and Users

The User tab lets you add/change/remove Flux users.

The Roles tab lets you add/change/remove Flux roles.


The System tab provides a high-level summary of the Flux environment


The Claim tab provides a means to input information into a runing workflow.

After clicking on Claim, the associated form appears for inputting the requested information.



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