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  • Migrating Flux 7 Workflows to Flux 8 using Flux 8.0.13 Cockpit Utility
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Flux Cockpit in Flux 8.0.13 has a menu option on the Designer Tab that allows for converting certain Flux 7 workflows to Flux 8 formats. Flux 8 has removed messaging support and BPM support, and workflows using these features cannot be converted using this approach. The other major change from Flux 7 to Flux 8 is in the File Criteria format, and this conversion utility supports migrating Flux 7 File Criterias to Flux 8 Format.

  • Open Flux Cockpit.
  • Click the Repository Tab.
  • Click the Upgrade button.
  • A File Dialog will appear that allows to to navigate to the directory containing the workflows and select the FFC files to convert. These FFC files must have been exported from a Flux 7 environment to disk. 
  • After pressing the Open button, the following browser alert will appear:

Conversion Alert

Converting xx files. During conversion you will see a spinner. When it disappears, switch to the Repository tab and click Refresh to see the converted workflows.

Close this alert to continue.

  • The conversion can take some time to complete. Each workflow can take up to 5 minutes to convert.
  • After the conversion is complete the updated workflows are available for review in the Flux Repository.  Click the Repository tab and click Refresh to see the converted workflows.




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