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This feature does not work with Internet Explorer 9. It does work with later versions of Internet Explorer.

Generally Flux logs are inaccessible unless the user has access to the Flux server's filesystem. This makes it difficult to demonstrate and test Flux entirely from a browser and represents a security risk. The Log Viewer (new in Flux 8.0.8) is a web based application to view the Flux logs from a web browser, without the user requiring direct access to a server where the Flux logs are stored.

The log viewer is automatically deployed with a fresh installation of the Flux Operations Console, and can be access via the URL http://yourFluxServerName:7186/logviewer.html. Access is unsecured so deployment of this URL into a production environment is not recommended.

The user must also update the file that is installed with a new Flux installation. Generally this is in c:\.flux\ on a Windows machine, or in the Flux installation directory/.flux/ on Unix and Linux machines.

A sample file, with the log viewer's required parameters added into the last 2 lines, is shown below.

Sample file
#Wed Aug 06 05:27:40 EST 2014
#These last 2 lines must be added to access the logviewer
#The first line below specifies the log directory, the second specifies the log extension


The following screen capture illustrates the log viewer. The window automatically updates within the browser, showing the end of the log (also known as 'tailing' the log). 

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