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Latest Release

The latest release of Flux is Flux 8.0.13. Release notes are here: 8.0.13 Release Notes

Contact for sales-related questions and for technical questions.

Flux Overview

Flux orchestrates file transfers and batch processing with a unique architecture that integrates workflow, distributed processing, managed file transfer, monitoring, job scheduling, and error handling.

Flux excels in satisfying circumstances where files:

  • Need to be transferred unattended to reduce processing time and expense, increase reliability, and meet service level agreements.
  • Need to be transferred in a secure and reliable manner among different platforms and systems.
  • Need to be moved between many different functions running on a variety of platforms and machines.
  • Need to flow through processes that are time-driven, process-driven, or manually triggered, and may have many workflow dependencies.
  • Need to be processed with the same programs and same (or varying) parameters, ensuring data integrity and consistency of processing.
  • Require flexible processing that includes scripting, command lines, REST, and Java.

Flux supports many enterprises in their mission critical processing. Flux Customers include many banks and financial service providers, healthcare institutions, and OEMs.

Since 2000, Flux has proven itself as the backbone of many mission-critical applications across various industry sectors worldwide.100% Java, Flux delivers sophisticated time and event scheduling, workflow design and execution, managed file transfer, enterprise integration via SOA and databases, and integrated security.

  • Flux appeals to operations staff with its ease of use and script-free automation of complex tasks. Drag-and-drop visual workflow creation defines workflows without scripting and allows staff to visualize workflow logic, without having to resort to complex and non-intuitive scripting. Staff can easily monitor workflow status to optimize workload performance and quickly resolve failures, improving communication to IT staff and keeping efficiency at the highest level possible.
  • Flux appeals to developers with its rich customizable features and light-weight footprint, making Flux ideal for embedding in larger applications. Flux has been the basis for the creation of countless new business applications. Web Services (REST and SOAP) integration simplifies integration in an SOA environment. Flux's security mechanisms are enforced at a dashboard level, the Java APIs, the REST APIs, and the command line interface.

Additional Resources

Flux website:

Flux Support Portal:

Use the links here to navigate the Flux 8.0 documentation or search.


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