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Flux 8 Training Agenda

The following presents the Flux 8 training outline. While targeted for Flux 8, this training outline can also be delivered for prior versions of Flux. This outline can also be customized as needed, and does not have to be delivered in the order shown.

First Session (2 Hrs.)

Installing Flux

Introduction to Flux Architecture


Second Session (2 Hrs.)

Workflows (Cont.)


Third Session (2 Hrs.)

File Transfer

Java Actions

  • Best practices
  • Sending and receiving data


Fourth Session (2 Hrs.)

Configuring Flux

Operations Console Administration

Common Pitfalls — Administration

  • Mismatched flux.jar's
  • Flux license key errors
  • Database Pool Size to Support Flux and Other Applications
  • Late time window set too small

Monitoring Performance and Troubleshooting

  • Memory heap dumps
  • Thread dumps
  • Viewing Flux logs
    • File system
    • Operations Console
    • Database
  • Audit Trail
  • Run and Metric Reporting
  • Monitoring with JConsole
    • Remote monitoring with<portNum>
  • Finding your Java PID
    • jps -l -m
  • Generating heap dumps with jmap
  • Viewing heap dumps
    • jhat
      • jhat <filename>
    • Eclipse MAT
  • Generating thread dumps
    • jstack
      • jstack <pid>
    • command line
      • kill -QUIT <pid>
        • (generates to stdout wherever the engine is running)

Tuning the JVM

  • Recommended JVM settings for Flux

Upgrading Flux

  • Shut down all Flux components
  • Download new Flux release
  • Install new database schema
  • Migration tool
  • Start new Flux release

Fifth Session (2 Hrs.)

Common Pitfalls

  • Reimplementing Flux Features
  • Trigger Polling Delays too short
  • Not Closing Iterators in try/finally Blocks
  • Using Engine.getFlowCharts() Instead of Enigne.getFlowChartElements()
  • Excessive Transaction Breaks
  • Start and End of Run Missing in Looping Flows or Complex Flows

Custom Actions

Sixth Session (2 Hrs.)

Command-line Interface

Architecture Details

Seventh / Eighth Sessions (2 Hrs.)

  • Follow-up on topics discussed in previous sessions, review outstanding questions and workflow design.

Remote API

  • Use Chrome's DEV HTTP Client to invoke REST methods on the engine.


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