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Flux 8.0.11 embeds a database viewer for querying the Flux database tables from Operations Console. It can be accessed from this URL: http://localhost:7186/console. It is provided as tool for troubleshooting only.

Performing database updates to Flux database tables without consulting Flux support can lead to inconsistency in workflows.

If you are using a database other than H2, you need to place the JDBC driver in the Flux Operations Console war directory, under WEB-INF/lib. It can be used to view all the Flux supported databases, except embedded Derby.

To view the in-memory H2 Flux database, you need to point to this URL:


When first accessed from Operations Console, a file is created under User's home directory. The file looks something like this.

0=Generic JNDI Data Source|javax.naming.InitialContext|java\:comp/env/jdbc/Test|sa
1=Generic Firebird Server|org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver|jdbc\:firebirdsql\:localhost\:c\:/temp/firebird/test|sysdba
10=Generic Derby (Server)|org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver|jdbc\:derby\://localhost\:1527/test;create\=true|sa
11=Generic Derby (Embedded)|org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver|jdbc\:derby\:test;create\=true|sa
12=Generic H2 (Server)|org.h2.Driver|jdbc\:h2\:tcp\://localhost/~/test|sa
13=Generic H2 (Embedded)|org.h2.Driver|jdbc\:h2\:~/test|sa
2=Generic SQLite|org.sqlite.JDBC|jdbc\:sqlite\:test|sa
3=Generic DB2||jdbc\:db2\://localhost/test|
4=Generic Oracle|oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver|jdbc\:oracle\:thin\:@localhost\:1521\:XE|sa
5=Generic MS SQL Server 2000||jdbc\:microsoft\:sqlserver\://localhost\:1433;DatabaseName\=sqlexpress|sa
6=Generic MS SQL Server 2005||jdbc\:sqlserver\://localhost;DatabaseName\=test|sa
7=Generic PostgreSQL|org.postgresql.Driver|jdbc\:postgresql\:test|
8=Generic MySQL|com.mysql.jdbc.Driver|jdbc\:mysql\://localhost\:3306/test|
9=Generic HSQLDB|org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver|jdbc\:hsqldb\:test;hsqldb.default_table_type\=cached|sa

You can remove the entries for database that you are not interested. Any custom changes to the DB Viewer are saved to this file.

Once, connected to the database, you can perform queries on the Flux database tables.

Flux 8.0.12 supports HSQL in-memory database. You can access the HSQL database tables using the URL: jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/flux

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