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  • 2020 Roadmap
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Flux continues to improve and extend its batch job scheduling and managed file transfer platform for 2019 and beyond. Building on its unique architecture that runs as a standalone application or embedded in Java application, Flux is adding the following in 2020, listed in no particular order. 

  • Support Amazon S3 for upload, download, copy, and delete to S3 buckets.
  • Support for Java 11 and Java 13, both Oracle and Open JDK versions.
  • Reimplement Flux's web services to make Flux more portable across application servers as well as improve their performance.
  • Allow additional predefined values to be stored in the Flux runtime configuration for commonly used workflow values. Instead of having to enter repeatedly used values into Flux dialogs,  Flux will fetch these values in the runtime configuration file allowing one to pick values from dropdowns and dynamically assign them based on the namespace that the workflow runs within.
    • Database definitions
    • File selection criteria and process definitions
    • File definitions (i.e., expanded file pattern information), such as file name layout, minimum size, maximum size, maximum age, allow duplicates within hour, day, week, never, always
  • Add a runbook view to Cockpit - what's run so far today, what's going to run, how long have workflows run against averages
  • Display accumulated CPU and memory statistics for Engine view
  • Improved notification support for a workflow and its actions running too long, too short, too often, or not often enough.
  • Add support for event-based file change notification into file triggers while continuing support for legacy polling model.

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